History of the INTROL Group dates back to 1990, when Przedsiębiorstwo Automatyzacji i Pomiarów INTROL s.c. was established. Its dynamic development and constantly improved engineering competencies made it possible to create the Group, which has successfully transformed from a component supplier and sub-contractor to a general contractor of investments.
Currently, the INTROL Group is an engineering holding company providing advanced solutions for many industries, mostly for general and commercial power industry, environmental protection, building, mining and automotive industry.

The INTROL Group provides comprehensive engineering services, implementing investments in the field of system projects, modernisation of power units, cogeneration systems, IIoT and big-data systems, process automation, industrial measurements, telecom systems in smart buildings, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, environmental protection systems and production of advanced automation equipment.

The wide range of services provided by INTROL makes it possible for us to provide comprehensive services, from initial design, technical design and cost estimate, to production, delivery completion, installation and start-up to general contractorship of the investment.

We owe our strong position on the market to ca. 1,600 employees who provide our partners with know-how and experience. Being particular to qualification of our personnel, we constantly improve the skills of our engineers. As a result, we have gained a reputation as a partner who can handle even the most difficult tasks.

Since 2007, the INTROL Group has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
456 mln PLN
in 2018 y.