The INTROL Group is a holding company operating in various fields connected with modern engineering technologies. The Group operates in many economic industries, providing advanced solutions, among others, in the field of automations, process systems, industrial measurements and IT.

Comprehensive implementation of investments

The Group’s potential makes it possible to implement, in a comprehensive manner, implementaion of investment in the field of power industry, automation and process control, high- and low-current power systems as well as specialist process systems, also for the power industry, water and sewage management, environmental protection and chemical and petrochemical industry. In each of these cases, the implementation process may include designing, preparation of documentation and obtaining the necessary permits, selection of equipment, construction work, completion and delivery and then installation and start-up of finished systems or facilities.

Investments that we implement are usually aimed at improvement of process performance, reduction of resource consumption, improvement of safety, quality and repeatability of production or adaptation of processes to requirements of environmental protection regulations.

The dynamic development, financial security and relative immunity of INTROL to downturns has been possible due to its excellently diversified operation on numerous markets.

The Group’s business is based on three foundations:

  • services (30-40% share in revenues)

  • distribution (30-40% share in revenues)

  • production (20-30% share in revenues)


Main areas of the service-providing activity:

  • general contractorship of investments in all economic industries

  • designing industrial systems and facilities for all investment cycle stages

  • modernisations in the power industry, with the use of modern technologies

  • high-performance cogeneration systems

  • environmental protection and water and sewage managements systems

  • process automation

  • industrial process monitoring systems (control and measurement systems)

  • Building Management Systems and other low-current systems in smart buildings

  • advanced air-conditioning and ventilation systems (comfort systems) in commercial and office facilities as well as in industrial facilities and power plants.

  • industrial automation systems integration services

  • calibration of control and measurement equipment (accredited measurement laboratories)


Main distribution activity areas:

  • leader on the Polish industrial measurements market

  • one of the widest ranges of control and measurement equipment in Poland

  • technical advisory services, selection, delivery and service of control and measurement equipment,

  • design, installation and start-up of process parameter control, adjustment and display systems


Main production activity areas:

  • production of modern machines and equipment for waste water treatment plants

  • production of industrial temperature sensors

  • production of a wide range of measurement heads and other automation components mainly for export purposes

  • production of highly processed components for the automotive and electrical machine industry


Highly qualified engineering staff

We owe our strong position on the market to more than 1,600 employees who provide our partners with know-how and experience, contributing to the increase of the value of the INTROL brand on the Polish and international market. Being particular to qualification of our personnel, we constantly improve the skills of our engineers. As a result, we have successfully transformed from a component supplier to a general contractor of complex investments. In the process, we have gained a reputation as a partner who can handle even the most difficult tasks.