Combined heat and power (simultaneous generation of electrical and thermal power) is a field of power industry, which is particularly important from the point of view of energy efficiency and ecological responsibility of Poland. For many years, INTROL has been implementing cogeneration projects based on Jenbacher and Rolls-Royce gas engines. Our engineers perform tasks of various degrees of complexity, from engine delivery and installation to general contractorship of power units and comprehensive construction of heat and power plants generating electrical and thermal power in high efficiency cogeneration. Our systems use both natural gas, methane from coal mines and biogas from waste water treatment plants. Our customers in this field are mostly municipal heat and power plants, waste water treatment plants and coal mines. So far, we have constructed several dozen high-efficiency cogeneration systems in Poland and abroad and the largest of them has electric power amounting to 29 MW and thermal power amounting to 26 MW (cogeneration unit at EC Rzeszów built in 2014).

We provide services in the scope of:

  • general contractorship of heat and power plants in high efficiency cogeneration
  • preparation of documentation necessary at the stage of construction site preparation, project completion and system operation,
  • obtaining environmental and building permits
  • comprehensive building and construction work
  • gas engines delivery, assembly and start-up
  • construction of process, electrical, automation and measurement systems and other systems
  • connecting new systems to the power network

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