The power sector is one of the key INTROL business areas. Since the beginning of our business, we have been concentrating on modernisation of commercial and heat power industry aimed at improvement of raw materials usage and obtaining high power efficiency. We also specialise in the implementation of projects from the field of renewable power sources (biomass co-combustion) and high-performance cogeneration systems based on gas engines with heat recovery systems. In its whole history, INTROL implemented hundreds of various investments, both assembly work as a subcontractor and “design and build” implementations, “turnkey” work or complex investments within the framework of general contractorship..


As far as the power industry is concerned, we implement, among others, the following projects:

  • power units and steam boilers modernisations
  • power units general contractorship
  • cogeneration systems with gas engines
  • up to 100 MW steam and water boiler rooms
  • up to 20 MW turbine rooms,
  • biogas plants and waste energy usage system,
  • biomass processing, use and transport systems
  • industrial waste treatment plant
  • water demineralisation stations
  • carburisation, deslagging and deashing systems
  • chemicals storage facilities
  • NOx desulfurisation and reduction systems
  • pilot and condensate treatment stations
  • electrical and automation systems
  • dust extraction, air and exhaust gas purification system



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