For several years, INTROL has been implementing so-called industrial revolution 4.0 solutions. The solutions we offer are based on the system used by our longstanding business partner, Rockwell Automation.

RA FactoryTalk Production Center – MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a third layer system, connecting the business systems layer (ERP) with lower layer systems, making it possible to effectively gather real-time information from manufacturing posts (PLC, employees) and quickly transfer the information to the business area.

The system we provide makes it possible to improve the quality and general operational capacity of the plant, improve the OEE index, reduce unscheduled and scheduled downtime, lower regulatory compliance enforcement costs, shorten marketing time, improve manufacturing visualization and make available, view and analyze quality data in real time.

FTPC is a scalable solution and consists of individual applications that can be implemented one after the other or the user may just implement one specific application and expand the solution later on.

As regards industrial revolution 4.0, Introl provides implementations making it possible to:

  • guarantee constant production quality
  • guarantee the use and adhering to best working practices
  • guarantee the proper performance of consecutive procedure steps
  • quickly react as regards production quality, dynamically change quality procedures on the basis of test results
  • inform interested organizational units, on an ongoing basis, on trends and metrics

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