Partnership in industry, reliability in automation

Business of the INTROL Group is concentrated on three broadly understood segments: the service, production and distribution segment. Our excellently diversified business in Poland and abroad is a guarantee of a stable and safe development of the whole business, ensuring high immunity to downturns.

The group operates in many industrial branches. It focus on the power industry, environmental protection, industrial sector (projects in the field of industrial automation, mechanical engineering and measurments) and building industry (equipping industrial and public use buildings with advanced technological systems).

The Group is able to implement even the most complex projects, from the design stage, to measurement, production, assembly and warranty and post-warranty service to the general contractorship of investments.

The revenues of the INTROL Group are generated on the basis of the three strategic foundations of its business and amount to, respectively (approximately):

  • services: 50-60%,

  • production: 20-25%,

  • distribution: 15-25%.

Currently, the Group consists of 15 companies employing ca. 1,600 employees (including 600 engineers).

1600 employees

600 engineers

399 millions of PLN
in 2017 y.

3 pillars