For many years, INTROL has been performing tasks in the field of environmental protection and water and sewage management. We have a long list of recommendations concerning our projects in the field of water and waste water treatment and air/exhaust gas purification systems. We also are a manufacturers of highest class equipment for mechanical waste filtering, mechanical sludge treatment, transport of post-production waste, cement, ash, sand, etc.

We provide services in the scope of:

  • construction and modernisation of water treatment stations and waste water treatment plants
  • comprehensive automation of dams
  • design and construction of water treatment and conditioning systems for industrial and municipal needs (drinking water),
  • design and construction of industrial and municipal waste water treatment systems,
  • design and construction of alternative energy sources: biogas plants, gas engine-based cogeneration system, biomass systems.
  • design and construction of air and industrial gas purification systems for the needs of various industries and power industry,
  • design and construction of odour removal systems for waste water treatment plants, municipal services departments, composting facilities, animal waste processing plants and other plants
  • production of advanced equipment and devices for waste water treatment plants
  • maintenance services for water and sewage plants in Poland


We design and construct the following systems and plants:

  • water pumping stations
  • coagulation and flocculation systems
  • filtering systems
  • chemicals storage facilities
  • drinking water storage facilities – vertical tanks
  • gaseous chlorine disinfection systems
  • chlorine dioxide systems
  • hypochlorite disinfection and ozonation systems
  • UV disinfection systems
  • SUW operation automation


We design and construct the following systems and plants:

  • water pretreatment systems
  • ionite and membrane technology-based water demineralisation systems
  • softening systems
  • decarbonation systems
  • ionite regeneration stations (SRJ)
  • condensate purification stations (SOK)
  • water and steam circulation conditioning systems – phosphate pretreatment and dosing systems,
  • hydrazine and ammonia pretreatment and dosing systems
  • mechanical draft cooling tower-based machine and equipment cooling systems
  • oxygen dosing systems for water circulation systems
  • high-speed open filter and pressure filter filtering systems with the use of various types of filter media
  • chemicals storage facilities, e.g. HCL, H2SO4, NaOH
  • process water storage facilities – storage tanks
  • industrial process automation


We design and construct the following systems and plants:

  • complete waste water treatment systems for various industrial branches
  • waste water pump and circulating pump stations
  • sediment thermal treatment systems
  • mechanical waste water treatment plants
  • dosing systems
  • chemicals storage facilities
  • automation and control systems


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