The INTROL Group – engineering in the industry

High priority in the current development strategy has been given to intensive internal development of the Capital Group, including strengthening the competences of subsidiaries, regular monitoring of their performance and actions aimed at increasing the margins. As regards potential acquisitions from the power sector, one of the key priorities is obtaining operational efficiency on time as well as reduction of unnecessary risk.

Advanced technologies

Development strategy of the INTROL S.A. Capital Group provides for concentration on the most advanced technologies and industrial solutions, achieving and maintaining an edge over the competition, focusing on new, promising industries and sectors. The Group has been getting contracts in industries that will undergo further development in the coming years; they include the Polish power sector, which still requires significant investments. A similar situation occurs in the environmental protection and water management sector.  Financial resources from EU funds will be spent on, among others, modernisation of refuse incinerators, waste water treatment plants and water treatment plants, as in the previous financing period (2007 – 2013).

Cogeneration, industrial and building automation

A prospective market segment for the INTROL Group still be the  so-called cogeneration, i.e. construction of systems for simultaneous generation of electrical and thermal power. Such a solution is employed by, among others, communes modernising local power and heating systems; waste water treatment plants, other industrial establishments, etc. Demand for such equipment should stay high in connection with the need to adapt the Polish industry to the strict EU standards.
The INTROL Group also is still present in the broadly understood industrial automation and building industry. The diverse scope of competences is an asset and strength of the INTROL Group.



Diversification of revenue sources  and entrusting projects from individual industries to companies that specialise in them is an effective business solution. It also is an important component of stability of the whole Group, relying on three strong foundations: services, production and distribution.