Description of the investment:

Within the confines of the investment (performed by a consortium of companies comprising: Mostostal Warszawa SA – the leader, INTROL SA, Acciona Infraestructuras SA and Instal Białystok SA – partners in the consortium) the new seat of the Warmińsko – Mazurska Philharmonic in Olsztyn was built.
The southern part of the building is glazed and has 5 stories. Of interest is its varied architecture. The facility consists of, among others, a concert hall (505 seats), a glazed entrance hall and a cube-shaped front section. The cubic capacity of the facility amounts to ca. 60,000 m3 and its usable area exceeds 10,500 m2.

Scope of work:

• telecom systems:
• sound warning system – DSO
• fire alarm system – SAP
• access control system, burglary and assault signaling system
• visual monitoring system
• radio and television system
• CO detection system
• structural system
• telephone system with a telephone exchange
• internal electrical systems
• external electrical systems, including:
• medium voltage, 15kV line
• delivery, installation and start-up of a 15kV/0.4kV tranformer station with an oil transformer
and a power generator
• external lighting and illumination system
• audio-visual systems

Project type Installation
Period 2009-2011
Total Value N/A
Client Warmińsko – Mazurska Filharmonia im. Feliksa Nowowiejskiego w Olsztynie