Description of the investment:

The Wielkopolska Center of Advanced Technologies is one of the key investments in Poznań. The Center is an investment project of the whole scientific community of the city of Poznań, to serve as a place of interdisciplinary research. Under the contract, the INTROL GROUP performs a two-stage implementation connected with electrical systems in scientific and research buildings, used as scientific, academic and laboratory facilities (cleanrooms).

Scope of work:

Delivery and assembly of:
Internal electrical installations
• cabling system (cable ducts, low and medium voltage cabling)
• internal lighting
• emergency and evacuation lighting
• power supply sockets and electrical equipment
• low voltage electrical switchboards and bus bars
• low voltage transformer stations
• internal power supply lines

External electrical installation
• external lighting
• medium voltage electrical switchboards
• medium voltage transformer stations
• power generators and UPS
• earth bonding installations, lightningprotection system and potential equalization

Project type Installation
Period 2012-2013
Total Value 15 mln PLN
Client Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu