40-519 Katowice
ul. Kościuszki 112

phone.: +48 32 789 00 22
faks: +48 32 789 01 75


INTROL S.A. is VAT payer.
NIP: 634 – 00 – 30 – 925
INTROL SA It is registered in the Statistical Office in Katowice, number: REGON: 272043375

IINTROL SA It ensures staff of specialists with many years of experience, which can provide the expertise and timely execution of the works.
The company is not able to transformation, division, liquidation or bankruptcy.
The company INTROL SA It has OC insurance policy, insuring the work done in the field of business in the amount of 30,000,000, -PLN.

The share capital of our company is: 5.327.760,-PLN.