Description of the investment:

SEJ S.A. is a modern power company generating electrical power for industrial needs and inhabitants of the city of Jastrzębie-Zdrój and its neighbourhood.
Apart from the energy produced from methane, the company also invests in systems for acquisition of power from biomass. On request of SEJ SA, INTROL performed a comprehensive construction of a system for unloading, storage and pneumatic transport of biomass to OP-140 boilers No 3 and 4 at EC “Zofiówka” on a turnkey basis.

Scope of work:

Construction work:
• construction of a process building with rooms for Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation,
switchgear center, transformer chambers and compressor facility
• construction of a process building with premises for biomass preparation along with a silo
• construction of an access road along with a manoeuvre area

Technological systems:
• installation of process devices for unloading ground and non-ground biomass to the silo
• installation of equipment for milling of biomass to be burnt
• system for pneumatic transport of biomass to the boilers along with installation
of blowers and dispensers
• installation of a spark suppression system
• protecting the devices, equipment and systems with an explosion detection and suppression system

Electrical systems:
• 6kV cable lines, 6 kV switchboard
• installation of transformers along with buses
• raceways
• installation of lighting, CCTV, traffic control and cabling

Automation systems:
• SCADA control and visualisation system for the local and central control room

Water and sewage systems:
• installation of a spark suppression system
• fire plug system
• sewage system

Heating and ventilation system:
• central heating system
• ventilation and air conditioning system

Project type /td>
Period 2010-2012
Client Spółka Energetyczna “Jastrzębie” SA