Project description: The project included design, obtaining the necessary permits and approvals,construction, start-up and 2-year warranty service for the cogeneration unit, consisting of four Rolls-Royce engines, 7.4 MWel each. The unit is equipped with a catalytic nitrogen oxide reduction system. Electric power is transferred from the unit to a 110 kV grid and the heat [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: KZPP "Koniecpol" is a manufacturer of hard and porous fibre boards as well as insulation systems used in the building industry. The company has exported its products to ca. 30 countries all over the world, at the same time making investments in its facilities so that they were compliant with ecological [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: "Borynia" is a coking coal mine constituting part of the JSW SA Group. The mine deposit occupies a mining area of 17.4 km2 and its exploitable resources zasoby operatywne are estimated to amount to 34 million tons of steam, fiery and coking coal. On request of JSW, INTROL built a gas-powered [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: Zaklad Energetyki Cieplnej (ZEC - Heat Generating Plant) SA in Katowice is a provider of thermal energy in the Upper Silesia area. The Heat Generating Plant is comprised of 10 divisions, the total power of which amounts to ca. 660MW. Within the contract conducted with ZEC SA in Katowice, INTROL performed [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: Spolka Energetyczna "Jastrzebie" SA is a leading company as regards energy management of methane from mine demethanisation in the process of generation of heat and cold for air-conditioning of excavations in trigeneration. Under the contract, INTROL performed a turn-key installation of two power generators with heat recovery systems powered with gas [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: Under a contract concluded with ECO Kutno Sp. z o.o., INTROL built a high-efficiency 6MWe cogeneration system in the area of Cieplownia Miejska No 1 in Kutno, with the "design-build" approach. Scope of work: • preparation of design documentation • obtaining a construction permit • construction of a thermal power station [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: Combination of electrical energy and heat production, the called co-generation (CHP) significantly improves the efficiency of power generation plants. The remaining heat from the generation process is used for heating the district or in production processes. The Client, intends to use this energy to deliver hot water to the local building [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The Rybnik Power Plant is part of an international group called EDF. At this moment, EDF Rybnik generating capacity amounts to 1775MWe and it is the largest power plant in the Upper Silesia region and therefore one of the largest commercial power plants in Poland. After the initial period of operation [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The sugar factory in Glinojeck is one of 4 plants belonging to Pfeifer & Langen Polska SA, which asked INTROL to perform an overhaul of two OR-32 stoker-fired boilers. The purpose of the overhaul was to upgrade the boilers and improve their efficiency. Scope of work: • development of the overhaul [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: Pfeifer & Langen Polska SA is the owner of 4 sugar factories in Poland. The company is a manufacturer of white sugar, cane sugar and a wide range of sugars. Under the contract, INTROL expanded the thermal power stations of the sugar factory in Środa Wielkopolska, installing an ORm-30 boiler and [...] Więcej →