Description of the investment:

The GIGABLOK waste water treatment plant is a mechanical, biological and chemical waste water treatment plant, receiving waste water from the northern district of Katowice. In a rainless period, within 24 hours, the plant can accommodate 40,000 m3 of waste water. The treated waste water from the plant is discharged to the Rawa river.
Within the confines of the comprehensive implementation, INTROL designed, delivered, installed, tested and started-up a series of modern systems, which made it possible to protect the environment and remove waste in a more effective manner. As a result of the tasks performed, the biological gas generated during the fermentation process is used as an energy source: it heats administrative buildings within the company area, provides heat used in processes and is used for production of electrical power.

Scope of work:

• control and supervision system with the use of large-size screens
• control and measurement systems along with cabling and overvoltage protection
• fire signaling systems
• telephone, computer and intercom systems
• post-assembly and functional tests

Project type Installation
Period 2005-2010
Total Value N/A
Client Katowicka Infrastruktura Wodociągowo-Kanalizacyjna Sp. z o.o.