Description of the investment: CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of most respected centres for scientific research. At CERN, the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments are used to study the basic constituents of matter - the fundamental particles. The instruments used at CERN are particle accelerators and detectors. Accelerators boost [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: Sauer-Danfoss is the world leader in design, production and sales of power hydraulics components and electronic control systems, used mainly in mobile machines. The task consisted in design and production a combined assembly and test line for heavy building machinery and agricultural equipment. The first section of the line is used [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The Przyjaźń Coking Plant is a part of the JSW Group, the largest Polish manufacturer of high-quality coke coal type 35 and an important manufacturer of coke in the European Union. From the beginning of its operation to the end of 2011, the Przyjaźń Coking Plant produced more than 56 million [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The waste water treatment plant in Białystok is a company belonging to Wodociągi Białostockie (Białostockie Waterworks), which has been functioning as an important part of the program called the Green Lungs of Poland since 1994. Waste water treatment processes, based on the conventional method of activated sludge, are performed with division [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: Nestle is the largest food company in the world and the world leader in production of baby food, powdered milk, instant coffee, ice creams, mineral water and foodstuffs for animals. The task consisted in design, production and delivery of an automatic station for packing sachets into multipacks. Basic features of the [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The Filtron company is a member of Affinia Group, an international automotive group, the leader in design, production, distribution and marketing on the global market of spare and heavy-duty parts. The task consisted in design, production and delivery of an automatic station for testing fuel filters for leaks. In order to [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The GIGABLOK waste water treatment plant is a mechanical, biological and chemical waste water treatment plant, receiving waste water from the northern district of Katowice. In a rainless period, within 24 hours, the plant can accommodate 40,000 m3 of waste water. The treated waste water from the plant is discharged to [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The fuel depot in Radzionków is one of the most advanced reloading terminals in Poland. Its services are mainly used by foreign companies and intependent operators on the wholesale and retail market. Fuel from foreign refineries also is delivered to the depot. INTROL performed investment task called "Comprehensive process automation system [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The Bydgoszcz II thermal-electric power station is the main supplier of heat and electrical energy for the city. The Bydgoszcz II facility uses a OP-230 boiler, which is a steam, pulverized-fuel boiler with natural water circulation and one boiler drum; it is a radiant-type boiler, with a three-stage steam superheater, water [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: Delphi is a leading global supplier of electronic systems and technologies for the automotive industry, utility vehicles and other market segments. The main technological centers of manufacturing plants and facilities provide services to Clients in 30 countries. The task entrusted to one of the GRUPY INTROL companies consisted in design, production [...] Więcej →