Description of the investment:

Zakład Wodociągu Północnego in Wieliszew is the youngest of the three plants providing water for Warsaw. At this moment, the northern pipeline (Wodociąg Północny) satisfies ca. 30% of the demand and provides water for the inhabitants of the northern districts of Warsaw. The task with which INTROL was entrusted consisted in expansion of the hydrotechnical system of the pumping station, which made in possible to use not only the 2nd stage pumping station, but also clean water tanks and utility water network of SUW Wieliszew.
The purpose of the investment was replacement of pumps with more economical ones (with higher efficiency with the whole pumping station capacity range) as well as use of modern drives (with the use of frequency converters) in order to obtain smooth pump efficiency adjustment in a wide range.

Scope of work:

technical systems
• construction of 6 pump assemblies (including: pumps, motors, transformers,
12-pulse frequency converters, reflux valve, throttle),
• conversion of the utility water system
• replacement of drainage pumps and pumps emptying clean water tanks
• replacement of ultrasonic flowmeters with electromagnetic flowmeters

electrical systems
• installation of process-related electrical systems
• replacement of pump driving systems, electrical systems, control and signalisation systems
for pumping station equipment

automation systems
• modernization of the control and signaling system in the 2nd stage pumping station
• data transmission to a high-level system with the use of the existing fibre-optic cable
• installation of a SCADA system
• delivery of installation versions and software licences

Project type Installation
Period 2009-2010
Total Value N/A
Client Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Warszawie SA