Description of the investment:

The Budryk Coal Mine is one of several companies belonging to JSW SA. During the expansion of the mine and upon commencement of excavation of new coal beds, it turned out that it was necessary to build a mine water main pumping station 1050m below the ground level.

Scope of work:

Mechanical work:
• installation of 4 pump sets with OW-200/7 pumps 6 kV 630 kW motors
• delivery and installation of 4 sucking collectors
• construction of 2 collection and delivery pipelines, DN 250
• delivery and installation of a set of valves with electric and mechanical drives
• delivery and assembly of flow-meters on pressing pipelines to shafts II and III
• delivery and assembly of a portable pump for removal of water from wells
• delivery and assembly of a hoist with pneumatic drive
• delivery and installation of a winch for moving transport units
• construction of a sound-proof operator cabin
• construction of safety dams and gratings with doors
• construction of fire protection and compressed air pipelines

Electrical work:
• installation of power supply and local control systems for four pump sets
• installation of control, signaling and operation visualisation systems for the pumping station
• construction of a motor drying system
• construction of lightning systems
• preparation of the basic documentation for the main dewatering pumping station and 6 kV power supply
switchgear center

Mining work:
• construction of support systems and foundations
• delivery and installation of a trackage system
• construction of concrete ingots of the pumping station’s sill and adjusting of the height
of the suction wells to the height of the concrete ingot of the pumping station
• construction of safety and ventilation dams

Project type Instalacja
Period 2010-2011
Total Value N/A
Client Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa SA