Description of the investment:

The Borynia Coal Mine is one of several companies belonging to JSW SA. Due to the fact that it was necessary to adapt the methane degassing station to accommodate an increased amount of methane and adapt its parameters to current demand, INTROL performed a modernization of the station in accordance with the planned scope of work.

Scope of work:
• preparation of technical documentation
• disassembly of devices and systems
• delivery of equipment, fixtures and materials
• installation of 3 compressor units (blowers) used for acquisition of methane from deposits
• conversion of the sucking part of the process system
• replacement of executive, adjustment and dewatering fixtures and measurement and safety devices
• installation of mechanical ventilation in the rooms of the methane degassing station
• installation of electrical systems and Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation
• performance of construction work, including rebuilding of the methane degassing station
• design preparation and construction of a connection between pipelines DN 200 and DN 250
as well as installation of a gas transmission measurement system on the DN 250 pipeline
• tests and acceptance

Project type Instalacja
Period 2009-2010
Total value N/A
Client Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa SA