Description of the investment:

The Liszki commune had a waste water treatment plant with throughput of Q= 1000 m3/d. Due to the increased needs as regards waste water treatment, the Liszki commune decided to perform an investment and expand and modernise the existing waste water treatment plant in order to achieve throughput Q=1600 m3/d. The modernization and expansion was performed by one of the INTROL Group companies.

Scope of work:

• construction and start-up of:
• grit chamber with screen
• biological reactor
• secondary radial settler
• blower station
• Pix coagulant feeding system
• delivered sewage collection plant
• local pumping plant with a refresment plant,
• biological filter, lime silo and recirculating and excess sludge pumping station
• modernization of sludge stabilisation chambers
• modernization of staff and technical facilities, sludge storage umbrella roofs and retention reservoirs

Project type Instalacja
Period 2012-2013
Total Value N/A
Client Urząd Gminy Liszki