Description of the investment:

The Ziemowit Coal Mine is a part of Kompania Węglowa SA. During the expansion of the coal mine, it turned out to be necessary to build a new pumping station 650 below the ground level. It was a priority investment due to the fact the it was necessary to continuously dewater the mine and excavate the coal without interruptions.

Scope of work:

• performance of mining work at the pumping station
• construction of a pumping station along with installation of 3 pumps, including one smoothly
controlled with an inverter
• construction of a 2,500m long DN 315 mm pipeline of polyester and glass laminates
• delivery and installation of a switchgear center for powering pumps and the inverter
• delivery and installation of Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation and control system
along with a visualisation system
• preparation of as-built documentation
• acceptance test and operator training

Project type Instalacja
Period 2004-2005
Total value N/A
Client Kompania Węglowa SA