Description of the investment:

Toruń is supplied with water from 5 separate intakes, one of which is a ground intake at the village of Mała Nieszawka. Due to the insufficient quality of water from that intake, the Toruńskie Wodociągi Sp. z o.o. company decided to perform a modernization of the “Mała Nieszawka” Water Treatment Plant. As a result of the investment performed by INTROL, 96% of the inhabitants of Toruń receive very qood quality water from the municipal network; the water is treated in a better, more efficient and cost-effective manner. Therefore, Toruń has started to receive water of very good quality, stable parameters and in quantities that ensure uninterrupted supply, even in case of an increased demand on the part of the inhabitants and industry.

Scope of work:

• construction work:
• reservoir with cubic capacity of 8,140 m3 and working capacity of 5,500 m3
• modernization of the following buildings: 2nd stage pumping stations, filters, chlorination facility along
with a hypochlorite storeroom and power generator building

• process systems:
• modernization of deep water wells, along with installation of pumps and fixture pipelines
• 2nd stage network pumping station with maximum throughput of 2,500 m3/h
• external networks – process pipelines
• new filtering system, based on 16 pressure filters
• systems for filter rinsing, aeration of raw water
• water disinfection system with sodium hypochlorite

• electrical systems and Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation:
• electrical systems along with delivery of power supply and control cabinets
• cable and fiber-optic lines
• Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation along with a visualisation system

Project type Installation
Period 2010-2012
Total Value N/A
Client Toruńskie Wodociągi Sp. z o.o.