Description of the investment: The Rybnik Power Plant is part of an international group called EDF. At this moment, EDF Rybnik generating capacity amounts to 1775MWe and it is the largest power plant in the Upper Silesia region and therefore one of the largest commercial power plants in Poland. After the initial period of operation [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The H. Cegielski Poznań SA company delivered to a German company called Fettraffinerie in Brake a MAN diesel engine type 7L35MC-S, fueled with palm oil or another properly prepared fat. INTROL was to construct systems necessary for the proper operation of the power plant. Scope of work: • installation of lube [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: On request of Zakład Energetyki Cieplnej Sp. z o.o. in Inowrocław, INTROL performed a modernization of the water circulation systems consisting in separation of the thermal energy source at the Rąbin Heating Plant in Inowrocław along with performance and implementation of the project as regards electrical systems and Control and Measurement [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The Przyjaźń Coking Plant is a part of the JSW Group, the largest Polish manufacturer of high-quality coke coal type 35 and an important manufacturer of coke in the European Union. From the beginning of its operation to the end of 2011, the Przyjaźń Coking Plant produced more than 56 million [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The waste water treatment plant in Białystok is a company belonging to Wodociągi Białostockie (Białostockie Waterworks), which has been functioning as an important part of the program called the Green Lungs of Poland since 1994. Waste water treatment processes, based on the conventional method of activated sludge, are performed with division [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: The steel plant consumes thousands of cubic meters of different media per week. INTROL specialized in calculations of media consumption for the process. A raw comparison of the quantity of steel products with media consumption indicated a lot of potential for expense reductions. The Customer decided to measure five different media [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: INTROL, in order to improve work safety at the carbonising system through monitoring of boiler-side tanks level, constructed a measurement system for fourteen OP-230 pulverised-fuel boiler tanks K1 - K4 at the Thermal Power Station Division, Bydgoszcz Elektrociepłownia ECII. The constructed measurement system for fuel level monitoring at the tank outlet [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: ZACHEM is one of the biggest chemical plants in Poland. The company's main product is toluene diisocyanate (TDI), an extremely toxic gas, that is used in industry by companies manufacturing polyurethane foam. The production process requires the highest level of safety precautions. Introl engineers designed and put to operation a very [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: Emptying and pneumatic filling processes in cement plants usually occur simultaneously, this is why conti-nuous measurement in extreme dust environment was required. The sensor's response time in belt stations and stockpile monitoring must be lower than 2 seconds to ensure reliable stop function in case of an overfill in belt transfer [...] Więcej →
Description of the investment: Within the confines of the first part of contract for modernization of the SW-4 "Czyżówko" water supply station, INTROL installed various systems in different facilities comprising the plant. Scope of work: • 1st stage pumping station • process system • vacuum system • Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation • 3rd [...] Więcej →