Description of the investment:

The main purpose of the investment was modernization of the infrastructure and ensuring continuity of drinking water supply for the inhabitants of Starachowice and neighbouring poviats. The investment has improved the quality of drinking water delivered to the inhabitants of the city and poviate; modern process equipment, pumps and control and measurement equipment were used. INTROL has suceeded in decreasing the failure frequency of the system and water contamination risk.
All work was performed on active facilities and the continuity of water delivery was ensured.

Scope of work:

At the Trębowiec water intake:
• replacement of deep-well pumps
• replacement of pipelines and fixtures
• equipping the intakes with measurement and control equipment
• replacement of raw water pipelines of total length of ca. 2.5km

At the water treatment plant in Trębowiec:
• adaptation of the filter chambers in the filter building
• replacement of the filtering drainage and filter beds
• replacement of filter recirculation pumps and washery effluent pumps
• installation of blowers for filter rinsing
• replacement of 2nd stage pumps
• replacement of the water chlorination system, instead of gaseous chlorine, used will be sodium
hypochlorite generated on site, on the basis of sodium chloride
• transformation of the chlorine storage building into a generator building
• installation of a power generator
• modernization of the water treatment plant building
• replacement of pipelines and fixtures
• equipping the water treatment plant with measurement and control equipment
• modernization of the administration and staff building
• construction of the Main Control Center with the operator station at the administration and staff building

At the Majówka pumping station:
• preparation of building and detailed designs
• construction III° pumping station along with complete replacement of piping, pumps
and fixtures – pumping station Qmax: 800m3 /h
• repair and modernization of the pumping station building
• sewage systems replacement
• delivery and installation of a power generator
• construction of the chlorination facility building and installation of the chlorination system
• installation of control and measurements instruments and automation along with control station
and automatic adjustment systems

Project type Installation
Period 2007-2009
Total Value N/A
Client Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji Spółka z o.o.