Description of the investment:

Emptying and pneumatic filling processes in cement plants usually occur simultaneously, this is why conti-nuous measurement in extreme dust environment was required. The sensor’s response time in belt stations and stockpile monitoring must be lower than 2 seconds to ensure reliable stop function in case of an overfill in belt transfer stations. In the clinker silo several sensors calculate average clinker volume which is used to schedule rotary kiln maintenance. Introl has installed radar level sensors for this aplication.

Scope of work:

Sensors were installed on tanks in nearly every process stage (70 sensors):
• level monitoring in crushers – used as overfill protection
• belt transfer stations – used as overfill protection
• stockpile monitoring – used as overfill protection
• raw material silo (height 10 m) – 6 sensors
• clinker silo (130.000 t, height 55 m, ambient temperature up to 80 deg C) – 5 sensors
• cement silo (height 30 m) – 20 sensors
• homo, mill tanks – 25 sensors (height 10-25 m)
• electrical connection to existing SCADA system
• training personnel in the operation of equipment
• warranty and post-warranty service

Project type Installation
Period 2009-2012
Total Value N/A
Client Lafarge Poland