Description of the investment:

Delphi is a leading global supplier of electronic systems and technologies for the automotive industry, utility vehicles and other market segments. The main technological centers of manufacturing plants and facilities provide services to Clients in 30 countries. The task entrusted to one of the GRUPY INTROL companies consisted in design, production and delivery of automatic station for production of side pipes for heat exchangers for passenger cars.

Basic features of the station:

• possibility of retooling the station for different pipe diameters and lengths
• safety system based on safety locks and limiting switches
• cycle time ca. 10 s

Scope of work:

• mechanical, electrical and pneumatic design
• software for the PLC and Allen Bradley operator panel
• production of mechanical parts
• integration of Tox presses and Allen Bradley Kinetix servos
• mechanical, electrical and pneumatic assembly at the station
• startu-up of the line at the manufacturer’s premises, SAT
• packing and shipping by sea to Delphi Juarez in Mexico
• start-up, operator training and final acceptance at the Client’s premises, FAT

Project type Installation
Period 2012
Total Value N/A
Client Centrum Techniczne Delphi Meksyk