Description of the investment:

The steel plant consumes thousands of cubic meters of different media per week. INTROL specialized in calculations of media consumption for the process. A raw comparison of the quantity of steel products with media consumption indicated a lot of potential for expense reductions.
The Customer decided to measure five different media which have different properties, so for each application the most suitable flow technology was designed and implemented.
The data are stored in digital multichannel recorders and, at the same time, transmitted by Ethernet network the Customer’s SCADA system.

Scope of work:

• delivery and assembly of 39 flowmeters:
• 13 heat meters for steam based on DP transmitters and flow computers
• 10 thermal dispersion floweters for compressed air
• 5 thermal dispersion flowmeters for oxygen
• 3 thermal dispersion flowmeters for natural gas
• delivery and assembly of flowmeters for gas burners installed in the furnace
• delivery and assembly of electrical cabinets with data recorders
• Ethernet connection to the customer network
• installing Observer software on customer’s PC

Project type Installation
Period 2008-2010
Total Value N/A
Client Huta Stalowa Wola