Description of the investment:

The H. Cegielski Poznań SA company delivered to a German company called Fettraffinerie in Brake a MAN diesel engine type 7L35MC-S, fueled with palm oil or another properly prepared fat.
INTROL was to construct systems necessary for the proper operation of the power plant.

Scope of work:

• installation of lube oil, water and steam systems, diameter range: DN15 to DN 200,
made of P235GH steel
• installation of a palm oil system, diameter range: DN15 to DN40, made of acid-resistant materials
• installation of a carbamide system, diameter range: DN15 to DN80, made of acid-resistant materials
• installation of a compressed air system made of copper
• installation of cut-off, adjustment and safety fittings on DN15 to DN200 pipelines
• installation of heat exchangers, fan coolers, oil and water pumps
• construction of air-conditioning systems for power plant personnel rooms
• construction and installation of DN800 exhaust gas ducts along with installation of compensators,
suppressor and swirl vane system
• construction and installation of generator air cooling ducts
• construction and installation of a pipeline sling and support system
• construction of an electrical system for fuel pipeline heating
• installation of Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation – flow meters, heat meters, etc.
• installation of instrument nozzles for temperature, pressure and other physical
and chemical parameters measurement
• acceptance tests

Project type Installation
Period 2008
Total Value 562 500 EUR
Client H. Cegielski Poznań SA