Description of the investment:

The city of Konin is building a new facility to process residual municipal waste. The capacity of the plant
is sufficeint to take the process from a population of 0.5 mln inhabitants.
The Municipal Waste Thermal Neutralization Plant will consist of one processing line for thermal neutralization of municipal waste with a minimum capacity of 94,000 Mg/year, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The energy relieved in the combustion process is generating the electricity and heating the local buildings.

Scope of work:

• design of electrical and process control systems
• delivery of mediam and low voltage gears
• delivery of turbine and electric generator
• construction work related to the delivered system
• assembly of machinery and devices, plant equipment
• connecting the heat source to the local district heating network
• connecting the power generation unit to the distribution network
• installing and start up of DCS and SCADA system
• training of the personnel
• final testing

Project type Installation
Period 2012-2016
Client MZGOK Konin