Description of the investment:

KZPP “Koniecpol” is a manufacturer of hard and porous fibre boards as well as insulation systems used in the building industry. The company has exported its products to ca. 30 countries all over the world, at the same time making investments in its facilities so that they were compliant with ecological standards.
Within the confines of the task requested by KZPP “Koniecpol”, INTROL installed a TR 320 back-pressure turbogenerator in a tandem configuration.

Scope of work:

• design work
• delivery and installation of the turbogenerator
• construction work
• technological work
• electrical and automation systems
• start-up and commissioning

Project type Co-generation
Period 2006-2008
Client Koniecpolskie Zakłady Płyt Pilśniowych “Koniecpol” SA