Description of the investment:

Combination of electrical energy and heat production, the called co-generation (CHP) significantly improves the efficiency of power generation plants. The remaining heat from the generation process is used for heating the district or in production processes. The Client, intends to use this energy to deliver hot water to the local building district heating system. The plant is situated close to the heated buildings with en easy energy transfer. Electrical energy is sold to a local electrical network operator.

Scope of work:

• conceptual design and the consulting services subject to 7MW Power Plant
• feasibility study
• advanced planning of technical equipment, system control and safety control
• design and technical documentation for the entire project
• delivery of generating set: Rolls-Royce B35: 40V16 AG
• assembly of Rolls-Royce gas engine with electrical generator

Building the entire structure for the plant including:
• steel structure and piping
• medium voltage gear
• electrical installation
• conntrol system DCS and SCADA
• fire protection system

Project type Co-generation
Period 2012-2013
Total Value 6 000 000 USD
Client OPEC Gdynia