Description of the investment:

The Rybnik Power Plant is part of an international group called EDF. At this moment, EDF Rybnik generating capacity amounts to 1775MWe and it is the largest power plant in the Upper Silesia region and therefore one of the largest commercial power plants in Poland. After the initial period of operation with glue gas desuplhurisation moistening, a decision was made to refit the system and perform a modernization based on the experience gained during operation. INTROL performed the modernization at block No 5 (5IOS).

Scope of work:

• construction and installation of a system for removal of ash from the reactor funnel and exhaust ducts
with the use of scraper conveyors to a slag extractor
• construction and installation of a system transferring hot exhaust gas to the funnel from over
the water heater
• modernization of the reactor head and system transferring hydrated lime to the reactor
• modernization of the recirculating ash system from an intermediate tank and electrofilter zone
to the reactor
• construction and installation of a preliminary exhaust gas and ash wetting system at reactor inlets
• modernization of the reactor water supply system; separating the clean water system
and the contaminated water system
• modernization of the Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation and visualisation
of the whole task
• construction and assembly of a curtain wall along with a roller shutter

Project type Enviroment protection
Period 2005
Total Value 995 000 EUR
Client EDF Rybnik