Description of the investment:

PEC Biała Podlaska asked an INTROL GROUP company to construct a new WR 12 water boiler along with a dust removal system as a result of an increased need for thermal power in the city.

Scope of work:

• preparation of design documentation along with a construction permit
• preparation of as-built documentation in all respects: technological, construction, electrical
and Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation
• disassembly work
• prefabrication of boiler components
• installation of boiler structure along with landings
• installation of boiler grate
• installation of the pressure section of the boiler
• installation of the water mixing system
• installation of a boiler deslagging system
• installation of a coal hopper and coal chutes
• installation of an ash removal system
• installation of an air blowing system
• installation of the control and measurement equipment for the boiler

Project type Boiler
Period 2012-2013
Client Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Biała Podlaska