Description of the investment:

After the Management Board of the EDF Polska group had made a decision on co-combustion of biomass of forest and agricultural origin in the OP-350 boiler installed at EC Kraków, it was necessary to design and construct an appropriate system that could collect, store, properly grind and transport to a boiler-side tank an appropriate amount of biomass (33t/h).
It was a turnkey task, performed on a “design-build” basis.

Scope of work:

• technical documentation for the construction permit
• detailed designs in all respects
• site preparation for construction
• installation of car scales, a weightbridge and in-ground scales
• construction of a car park, roads, pavements and landscape architecture
• construction of buildings and breezeways, including: a technical building, grinding facility,
switchgear center, sample-taking facility, one- and two-stand unloading breezeways
• construction of silos for storage of biomass of forest and agricultural origin
• construction and delivery of steel structures
• construction and delivery of a system for collection of biomass with the use of push-plate conveyors
• construction and delivery of biomass transport systems, among others: horizontal conveyors,
slanting conveyors and bucket conveyors
• construction and delivery of biomass augers, electromagnetic separators and a biomass
sample-taking facility
• construction and delivery of mills for biomass grinding
• construction of a system for dust removal during grinding process and compressed air system
• construction and delivery of a biomass transport system, i.e. Roots blowers and pipelines
with length of ca.300 m
• construction and delivery of a spark suppression system, fire suppression system using CO
and central vacuum cleaner
• construction and delivery of fire protection systems
• installation of an electrical system along with a medium voltage/low voltage switchgear center
• installation of a Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation system with full visualisation
and process control
• installation of a CCTV system
• tests, inspections and acceptances

Project type /td>
Period 2009
Client EDF Kraków