Description of the investment:

The Bydgoszcz II thermal-electric power station is the largest and most modern thermal-electric power station in Bydgoszcz and the main supplier of heat and electrical energy for the city. Just like many thermal-electric power stations, it had to face the problem of energy saving and the throttle governing of the pumps used so far was ineffective and resulted in adjustment losses.
The purpose of the modernization performed by INTROL was to optimise the performance of network water pumps and contribute to planned savings in heat transfer. As a result of the change of the pump operation method to the non-chokable method with the use of medium-voltage inverters, savings at pomp control currently amount to at least 19% of the energy cost decrease.

Scope of work:

• disassembly of the 6 kV switchgear center and previously used pump systems
• construction work
• delivery and installation of:
• Ovation control system
• 2 Power Flex 7000 AC drives for 1 MW engines
• uninterruptible power supply systems
• 0.4 kV switching station
• bypass cabinets for inverter circuit
• power equipment for modernization of two 6kV switching stations
• mechanical modernization of eight 40B80 and 30B54 pumps
• expansion of the existing CDC supervision system
• supervision over the implementation of the investment
• gradual start-up of the pump and device systems after the modernization
• preparation of as-built documentation and operating manual
• operator training

Project type Pumps
Period 2008-2009
Client PGE ZEC Bydgoszcz SA