Description of the investment:

Spolka Energetyczna “Jastrzebie” SA is a leading company as regards energy management of methane from mine demethanisation in the process of generation of heat and cold for air-conditioning of excavations in trigeneration. Under the contract, INTROL performed a turn-key installation of two power generators with heat recovery systems powered with gas from mine demethanisation, with power of 4.0Mwe each along with performance of repair services at SEJ SA (EC Moszczenica and Pniowek).

Scope of work:

• design work
• installation work (delivery and installation of fittings and process pipelines)
• electrical work (auxiliaries switchgear and power take off point)
• Control and Measurement Equipment and Automation (control and visualisation)
• delivery and installation of the power generator
• delivery and installation of auxiliary systems and devices
• start-up of the generator and auxiliary devices
• generator operation optimisation
• operator training

Project type Co-generation
Period 2010-2012
Client Spółka Energetyczna “Jastrzębie” SA