Description of the investment:

Zaklad Energetyki Cieplnej (ZEC – Heat Generating Plant) SA in Katowice is a provider of thermal energy in the Upper Silesia area. The Heat Generating Plant is comprised of 10 divisions, the total power of which amounts to ca. 660MW. Within the contract conducted with ZEC SA in Katowice, INTROL performed comprehensive construction work connected with the construction of a thermal power station building, equipped with two Jenbacher gas engines with power generators, powered with gas from demethanisation of the “Myslowice-Wesola” Coal Mine.

Scope of work:

• construction work along with all accompanying equipment and power and electrical systems,
thermal systems and water and sewage systems
• delivery, installation and start-up of two gas engines
• modular thermal power station building – generator room:
• external chimneys for exhaust gas removal
• gas stabilisation system
• heat distribution centre with pipeline system
• system for release of excess heat into the atmosphere
• electrical systems to be fed with power from generators, voltage: 6.3kV
• electrical systems
• wiring system with room monitoring and visualisation system in the control room
• design and installation of boiler room performance monitoring system as regards temperature, pressure
and flow measurement, cooperating with the control station for gas engines
• training in ongoing engine operation and working inspections

Project type Co-generation
Period 2008-2009
Client Zakład Energetyki Cieplnej SA w Katowicach