Description of the investment:

“Borynia” is a coking coal mine constituting part of the JSW SA Group. The mine deposit occupies a mining area of 17.4 km2 and its exploitable resources zasoby operatywne are estimated to amount to 34 million tons of steam, fiery and coking coal. On request of JSW, INTROL built a gas-powered cogeneration system, along with equipment and adaptation of a room in which the engine was installed, systems permitting its trouble-free operation, installation of air trunks and exhaust stack and installation of the necessary electronic equipment and devices in the control room.
The delivered generator, powered with mine gas, has 1819kW of electrical power and 1860kW of thermal power. The mine gas (methane), transferred to the surface, is burnt in the engine, acting as its fuel. Thermal and electrical power, generated in this way, is used to satisfy the power needs of the mine.

Scope of work:

• design work
• delivery of the engine
• construction work
• heat collection systems
• electrical work and automation
• ventilation
• exhaust removal system
• training and start-up

Project type Co-generation
Period 2007-2008
Client Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, KWK “Borynia”